*Amerikano takes pride in creating truly Authentic and Holistic curriculum that caters to and serves each member of our community as an individual. We would love the challenge of un-hatching a curriculum tailored to both incite and set fire to your not only your English but more importantly so your Personhood, verging on Mastery.


*Similar in nature to the stipulations of the Amerikanoapprentice Program described above. The difference being, that half of your time spent with us would be as an apprentice, while the other half would be carried out assisting and implementing the various secretarial, administrative, investigative, and caretaking affairs, most needed to keep the ginormous dream of Amerikanoestudios moving in a 260 direction-filled flow.

*The responsibilities are more extensive in this program and more will be expected out of you as a participant.  In short, Work/Study students pay less and work a lot harder. They are expected to be ambassadors to different in-house, local and national studio projects.


*An internship at Amerikanoestudios is a unique opportunity to work alongside the staff and directors in budding the gargantuan dream at the heart of the Amerikanocommunity.  This program will be paid for by your sweat and devotion towards changing both yourself and the world.  You will be asked to instigate, demonstrate and ultimately be an ambassador of development on all levels regarding our mission. 

*Both work/study and internship positions may be modified or cancelled if the participation and integration does not meet the program's, director's, and community's expectations.


Hydroponics from Paul Stoutenburgh on Vimeo.


Amerikanoestudios from Paul Stoutenburgh on Vimeo.


Friday at Amerikanoestudios from Paul Stoutenburgh on Vimeo.


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