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All mentors are teachers but not all of the instructors out there can be considered mentors.  We know this to be true when we think back on our education.  Some teachers we can’t recall at all while others provided memorable instruction.  Yet there are a select few that we feel were instrumental in shaping us.  Many individuals within the category of Mentor did not reach us in a classroom and did not adorn the title “teacher” but without their influence our learning would be far less rich.  

A mentor provides a holistic learning experience that is by its nature individualize and extremely relevant.  There are forces of timing, intuition, empathy, and relevant knowledge and mutual respect at work between a learner and mentor.  While no one can be a mentor to everyone there are skills that an interested individual may hone to make them a more successful facilitator of learning at this profound level.  Indeed, a crucial mark of a mentor is the ability to read the learner and identify if and when such a connection would be possible and admitting promptly when it is not.  

Originative is committed to the process of mentor development and the holistic environment.  See the programs section for details on workshops devoted to these skills.


Carl Brengle Emmons- 

Co-Founder and Mentor.  Carl (Carlitos) was raised in Chile and attended college in the United States where he pursued music composition, anthropology and religious studies.  Carl played bass and helped to manage the Christian Punk band, Last Tuesday.  Upon the breakup of the band Carl sought to reconnect with his birthplace and moved to Esparza, Costa Rica to teach English.  Carl’s innovative approach to instruction lead him to co-found Amerikanoestudios, a studio school based on cultural and academic enrichment.  The school has become a prototype for cultural and ecological recovery.  Today Carl directs the initiatives at Amerikanoestudios while tending to roles of cultural leadership in the community.  Carl is married to Ilsa Alvarado who also instructs at the studio.  They have a huge hunky boy, Owen Jazz and are expecting a brother or sister in early 2013. 

Ron Green- 

Co-Founder and Mentor.  Ron is as Colorado as kinikinik and grew up hiking the trails, rock formations, and scrub-oak thickets of the front range.  Ron studied poetics and education at the graduate level before moving to Costa Rica to pursue a bilingual, cultural and ecological education for himself and his family.  Ron taught English to all grade levels and adults as well.  Soon a partnership was formed with is colleague, Carl Brengle Emmons, where they actualized the shared dream of a holistic learning environment that challenged students intellectually, creatively, and spiritually.  They founded Amerikanoestudios in 2010. After witnessing the profound success of the models employed at he studio school both individually and for the community, Ron directs domestic and exchange projects in the United States and organizes both international and local partners in the development of the methodologies surrounding cultural and ecological recovery.  Ron resides in Sedalia with his wife, Jill Curnow and two boys Paris and Vann Jammer.



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